Research and Resources


In pursuing the fulfillment of its charge the Legacy Review Task Force requested several reports from Western Libraries Heritage Resources, solicited the input of scholars, and reviewed and discussed relevant research. 


Heritage Resources Reports on Named Campus Buildings and Colleges:

WWU Building Names Report - Sept 2020

Huxley College Naming Report - Mar 10, 2021

Report on Haggard, Mathes, Nash & Woodring - Mar 31, 2021

Mathes Supplementary Report - Oct 1, 2021


Observations by Scholars and Biographers on the Legacy of T.H. Huxley:

The Legacy Review Taskforce has invited scholars and biographers with relevant expertise to share their understandings of T.H. Huxley and his legacy with respect to race.  

Observations from Paul S. White, Affiliated Scholar, Department of History and Philosophy of Science, Research Associate, Darwin Correspondence Project, University of Cambridge, author of Thomas Huxley: Making the 'Man of Science'.

Observations from Sherrie Lyons, Assistant Professor, Empire State College SUNY, author of Thomas Henry Huxley: Evolution of a Scientist.

Observations from Michael Reidy, Professor of History, Montana State University-Bozeman, co-general editor of the ongoing Correspondence of John Tyndall (a close associate of Huxley) and co-editor of a volume on Tyndall entitled The Age of Scientific Naturalism.

Observations from Nicolaas Rupke, Johnson Professor of History, Washington and Lee University, co-editor of Johann Friedrich Blumenbach, Race and Natural History, 1750 - 1850.


Select Research & Information on T.H. Huxley:

Why is TH Huxley Problematic? - Prepared by Laura Wagner, Task Force member, Student Senator, Huxley College of the Environment

The Huxley File, created by Charles Blinderman and David Joyce - includes a large number of Huxley's published and unpublished essays, personal and public correspondence, and commentaries on his work

"A Most Eminent Victorian: Thomas Henry Huxley" by Sherrie Lyons 

"Evolution and Ethics, Revisited: How 'Darwin's Bulldog' opposed social Darwinism" by Gertrude Himmelfarb

"Thomas Henry Huxley: The War Between Science and Religion" by Sheridan Gilley and Ann Loades

"The origins of scientific racism and Huxley's Rule" by Nicolaas Rupke (also covered in a lecture of the same title).