Mission & Strategic Plan


Western Washington University is a public comprehensive institution dedicated to serving the people of the state of Washington. Together our students, staff, and faculty are committed to making a positive impact in the state and the world with a shared focus on academic excellence and inclusive achievement.

As a community, we uphold certain basic values. These include:

  • Commitment to student success, critical thought, creativity, and sustainability
  • Commitment to equity and justice, and respect for the rights and dignity of others
  • Pursuit of excellence, in an environment characterized by principles of shared governance, academic freedom and effective engagement
  • Integrity, responsibility and accountability in all our work


Western Washington University prepares and inspires individuals to explore widely, think critically, communicate clearly, and connect ideas creatively to address our most challenging needs, problems, and questions.


The University's Strategic Plan articulates four goals to advance Western. Our approach is somewhat non-traditional; we articulate our goals as values that we aspire to advance.

This work complements another important effort completed recently, the Sustainability Action Plan: 2015-2035, which builds on Western leadership in many areas of sustainability to define a comprehensive sustainability plan for the future. Performance on metrics associated with the strategic plan can be found at Overall Metrics.

Read the most recent President's Report.