President's Advisory Groups

President's Sustainability Council

The President's Sustainability Council advises the President, via the Provost and the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs, on sustainability and resilience at Western Washington University.  The President's Sustainability Council will be the body charged with expressing, upholding, and advancing the institution’s full commitment to sustainability, resilience, and adaptability.

Read the President's Sustainability Council Charter


President's Sustainability Council membership is representative of all campus units and includes students, faculty, and staff. Nominations and appointments for the Council are currently underway. If you have an interest in serving on the Council please contact your divisional vice president or shared governance representative.

University Budget Committee

A standing committee is responsible for advising the President on matters related to the university operating budget.

Each year, the President will charge the UBC with a specific agenda for the coming year. Through advisory input to the President, the UBC will contribute an independent point of view to central university budgeting, guide the development of comprehensive budget and financial health reporting, inform the strategic budgeting process, and ensure follow-up on recommendations from university-wide advisory groups, such as the Structural Equity Team, on making these processes more equitable and inclusive.

The intent of creating the budget committee is to broaden the perspectives informing and advising our budget processes and outcomes. The work of the UBC is intended to complement the work of the other entities engaged in budget matters, including the Faculty Senate’s University Planning and Resource Council, the Business Management Advisory Committee, and the Dean’s Council.

As an advisory committee, the UBC makes recommendations but does not have authority or responsibility for decisions. UBC members are asked to represent the best interests of the University, and not advocate for individual units or constituencies.


Please visit the University Budget Committee page for more details and a current list of the committee members.