President's Advisory Groups

President's Sustainability Council

The President's Sustainability Council advises the President, via the Provost and the Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs, on sustainability and resilience at Western Washington University.  The President's Sustainability Council will be the body charged with expressing, upholding, and advancing the institution’s full commitment to sustainability, resilience, and adaptability.

Read the President's Sustainability Council Charter


President's Sustainability Council membership is representative of all campus units and includes students, faculty, and staff. Nominations and appointments for the Council are currently underway. If you have an interest in serving on the Council please contact your divisional vice president or shared governance representative.

University Budget Committee

  • Brad Johnson - Co-Chair / Provost / Executive Vice President
  • Joyce Lopes - Co-Chair / Vice President for Business & Financial Affairs
  • Faye Gallant - Executive Director, Budget & Financial Planning
  • Ichi Kwon - Academic Affairs Budget Director
  • Linda Beckman - Enrollment & Student Services Division Director – Financial & Capital
  • Brian Ross - Associate Director, Capital Budget
  • Faculty Governance Representatives:
    • Allison Giffen, UPRC Chair
    • Brandon Dupont, 2022-23 Faculty Senate Vice President & President-Elect
  • Shawna Gilleland - Procurement & Supply Specialist, Purchasing Department / Staff Representative
  • Josef Mogharreban - Director, Disability Center / Staff Representative
  • Associated Students Representatives
    • Sargun Handa - AS WWU President 2022-23
    • Rahma Iqbal - AS Senate President 2022-23
  • Jaqueline Hughes - Chief Diversity Officer/Executive Director, Office of Equity
  • Bernie Housen - Chair, Geology Department
  • Paqui Paredes Méndez - Dean, College of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Bow Jerns - Operations Manager, Woodring College of Education
  • Mark Brovak - Sr. Director/COO, University Advancement - UA Representative
  • Max Bronsema - Director, WebTech / University Relations & Marketing Representative
  • Becca Kenna-Schenk - Chief of Staff
  • Ex Officio
    • Jointly staffed by BFA & Provost's office (M. Seaton, C. Garboden, M. Assink)