United in solidarity against the attacks in Sri Lanka

The vicious bombing attacks on Christian worshippers in Sri Lanka over the Easter holiday have sent another shockwave of horror and heartache through the world, only a month after the brutal terrorist assault on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Our deepest condolences go out to victims and survivors, their family and friends, and the Sri Lankan community around the world. 

Once again, individuals who have been grotesquely twisted by the moral cancer of hate and ideological extremism have targeted the innocent.  Once again, people of conscience are united in anguish and disbelief that human beings not only continue treating each other this way, but justify it in the name of their highest ideals.  United in sorrow, we must not only mourn for the victims of this senseless violence, but redouble our commitment to our highest ideals.  We cannot let terrorism divide us from each other, or deter us from the shared work of promoting the dignity, value, and peaceful coexistence of all people.  Despite the seemingly endless recurrence of these awful kinds of events, we cannot accept the fear, despair, or resignation that those motivated by hate wish to sow in us.  We must stand in solidarity by rejecting all forms of violent extremism, and by acting in the faith that we can overcome the isolated voices of hate with communities united by compassion. 

Wherever you are today, please give extra consideration to treating each other with kindness and respect, and be especially mindful of our Sri Lankan and Christian friends who are most deeply affected by this tragedy.