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Mon, 04/22/2019 - 11:10 am

The vicious bombing attacks on Christian worshippers in Sri Lanka over the Easter holiday have sent another shockwave of horror and heartache through the world, only a month after the brutal terrorist assault on two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.  Our deepest condolences go out to victims and survivors, their family and friends, and the…

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Fri, 03/15/2019 - 11:36 pm

Dear Campus Community:

I am certain that I speak for all of us in condemning the horrific and heartbreaking terrorist violence perpetrated against Muslim worshippers in two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand.  This beautiful and peaceful country now joins scores of other countries, including our own, where terror attacks have targeted…

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Fri, 02/08/2019 - 10:03 am

As I promised a few weeks ago in my last blog post on recent conversations with student groups, we have posted an updated Diversity, Equity and Inclusion website  (  On this page, you’ll see a timeline that captures a list of the major projects completed, currently underway, and to be addressed in response…

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Thu, 01/17/2019 - 9:25 am

As I wrote in my blog about Western’s top priorities for winter quarter, one of our top priorities for Winter 2019 is to understand and address the concerns and needs of students from marginalized identities.

Over the past couple of weeks, members of my administrative team and I have had conversations with several groups, including…

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Wed, 01/09/2019 - 1:41 pm

Dear Western Community:

Happy New Year, and welcome back to campus!  I hope that you had a great holiday break, with ample opportunity to recharge and enjoy time with family and friends. 

As we enter winter quarter and a new year, I’d like to share some of the priorities that are of highest importance to me, and invite…

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