University Policy And Rules Review Group Charter


The University Policy and Rules Review Group (UPRRG) is a standing committee that provides institutional review of impact statements and final drafts of proposed, policy documents, and Western’s title in the Washington Administrative Code (WAC) and makes recommendations to the President for approval.


Along with the Technical Review Committee, the UPRRG is responsible for ensuring that new and revised policies and rules receive adequate review through the institutional policy or rule development and approval process. The Technical Review Committee is a standing committee of university administrators. It is responsible for the review of full drafts of proposed, new, and substantially revised policy and rule documents for  consistency with existing policies or rules, and legal compliance and form to promote operational efficiencies, and reduce institutional risks. By contrast, the UPRRG is responsible for bringing a broader institutional perspective to the initial and final stages of the policy or rule development and review process, from ensuring adequate stakeholder engagement and representation, to the practical considerations of proper implementation and communication in the units affected by approved policy or rule. The chief responsibility of the UPRRG in regard to policy development is to make recommendations to the President regarding the approval of full policy documents and the permanent cancellation of policies that are not under consideration for revision. The chief responsibility of UPPRG in regards to rulemaking is the review of proposed rules and approval to public hearing.


Members of the UPRRG include senior administrative leaders and one representative nominated by each of the faculty, staff, and student governance groups, as detailed below. The Group is chaired by the President’s designee.


  • Assistant Vice President of Risk, Ethics, Safety & Resilience, Committee Chair (Darin Rasmussen)
  • Chief of Staff to the President ( Becca Kenna-Schenk)
  • Provost and Executive Vice President ( Brad Johnson)
  • Vice President for Business and Financial Affairs / Internal Controls Officer (Joyce Lopes)
  • Vice President for Enrollment & Student Service (Melynda Huskey)
  • Chief Diversity Officer / Director of the Office of Equity (Jaqueline Hughes)
  • Director, Office of Civil Rights and Title IX Compliance ( Daniel Records-Galbraith) 
  • Assistant Attorney General (Kerena Higgins,  Julie Nichols, Lisa LaGuardia)
  • Senior Auditor, Audit & Consulting Services (Priya Sall) 
  • Director, University Policy (Dolapo Akinrinade)
  • Faculty Senate representative
  • Faculty Union representative Associated Students representative
  • Classified Staff Union (WFSE/PSE) representative
  • Professional Staff Organization representative 


The UPRRG will meet at least six (6) times annually. Additional meetings may be called as the group, or its chair deems advisable