Professional Staff Award for Excellence

The Professional Staff Organization Award for Excellence recognizes a member of the professional staff who exemplifies commitment to Western's mission and its faculty, staff and students through one or more of the following: exceptional communication and interpersonal skills; exceptional integrity, professionalism and job performance that inspires excellence in others; exceptional dedication to encouraging initiative, creativity and exploration of new ideas through work and interaction with others.

2018 Recipient: David Bass2018 Pro Staff Award Winner David Bass

Senior Developer for Digital Initiatives

Western Libraries

David is the Senior Developer for Digital Initiatives for Western Libraries, a position he has held since 2013. David creates and enhances software systems that further the mission of the Libraries and the University.

David’s recent work focuses on automating parts of Western's new digital asset management system known as MABEL (Multimedia Archives Based Electronic Library). He has created a desktop application that automatically tags and describes photographs using AI and Computer Vision before they are loaded into the system.

When completed, MABEL will provide a robust interactive collection of images, video and documents for the Western community and users worldwide. According to one of his colleagues, “His desktop app is not only relevant to MABEL, saving the university time and resources, but it’s fairly ahead of the curve in the scope of emergent technologies and applications. To boot, he is absolutely one of the most collaborative, thoughtful and effective problem solvers I’ve had the pleasure of working with.”

David finds he’s most satisfied at work when collaborating with others and exploring creative uses of technology. “It’s quite an honor to work here, to be among such smart and talented people, and to help bring interesting ideas to life.”

David earned a Master of Science in Information Systems from Mississippi State University in 1997, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Montana in 1995. A resident of Western Washington since 1998, David is married to a very patient woman, with whom he shares two wonderful children and two overly energetic puppies.

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