WWU President Sabah Randhawa

"Western and higher education institutions across the country have a moral imperative to expand access to higher education, particularly for students from traditionally underrepresented backgrounds. But we have an added responsibility that goes beyond access; we need to ensure success is attainable for all students as well. Advancing access and success for all students is one of the most courageous and concrete ways to ensure equity, inclusion, and opportunity."

Sabah Randhawa
Western Washington University President

Latest Communications

Message to Campus

Dear WWU faculty and staff,

As we close out this academic year, I want to take a moment to extend my sincere gratitude for your contributions to the WWU community.

Thank you for the inspiration and energy you invest in our students and for making Western a welcoming and inspiring place for so many.  You are not only the…

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Message to Campus

Dear WWU community, 

 As I shared earlier this week, we have reached a resolution with students from the WWU Divest Apartheid Coalition. I believe the agreement reflects the good faith discussions we’ve had with our students over the past several weeks and is consistent with Western’s values and core academic mission. The…

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Message to Campus

Dear WWU Community, 

I’m writing to share that we have reached a resolution with the WWU Divest Apartheid Coalition. I look forward to sharing the final agreement with you on Friday. 

As part of this agreement, students involved with the encampment on Old Main lawn agreed to voluntarily end the encampment and depart by…

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